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12th of May, 2022
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How to make better forecasts

Design Thinking as the ultimate superpower

Design Thinking is a product development approach which perfectly fits this need to start with the end user in mind.

Based on empathy and data, it allows an agile team to learn and change in new and profound ways, to work better across silos and to create a shared vision with stakeholders.

This session combined a workshop to showcase the stages of the Design Thinking model, with concrete examples from a success case at Belgium's public service broadcaster VRT.

We touched on concepts such as Jobs-to-be-done, User journeys, qualitative research, hamburger slicing, ... This session provided participants tools and inspiration to apply immediately in their teams as from the next day.


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Q-storming helped to discover the realm of unknowns. It helped you to understand the problem you’re facing, uncover paths and perspectives you didn’t even know existed.

Dominykas is an all things agile enthusiast. Having contributed to a variety of different contexts in terms of scale, maturity and mindset, he built an understanding of what good agility looks like and how you can quickly mess it up. He's particularly passionate about facilitating experimental workshops and exploring new collaborative ways to uncover problems and find solutions.

Ornela has been practicing Agile for over 5 years now and still thinks that she scratched the surface. She enjoys gathering new ideas and techniques, discussing them with fellow practitioners and spending long hours talking about Agile, however she truly believe that the best way to learn is to practice!




Unleash your team with Liberating Structures


Agile Latvia members invited  to explore Liberating structures with the goal for each and everyone  to leave with at least one tool that will be used with the teams of having better conversations.

Anna Mitrofanova is a Certified ICF professional coach, facilitator, Agile enthusiast with more than 10 years in IT. Working in different roles and organizations gave a broad experience in effective communication, solving complex adaptive problems, building shared understanding, and focusing on results that create value.

Leonid Uljankin is Founder & Passionate Scrum Master whose passion is working with teams and organizations to help them uncover their full potential, to deliver more value to the world. Change from within - is his motto. He believes that organizations can be only changed from the inside and he's merely a catalyst for that change to happen.

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We all had that headache trying to correctly evaluate user stories, right? This workshop helped reduce the feelings of frustration by finding a BETTER WAY to make forecasts. 

Darren is a convert to Lean and Agile techniques after spending much of his career as a developer and manager, having discovered that the traditional ways of working weren't always effective. Currently working as a Scrum Master for 3 teams, he has also been an Agile Coach, with a particular passion for helping teams escape from "mechanical Agile" to allow them to find their own best ways of working together. And, ironically, I used to hate metrics!

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Open Space

During the event everyone was included in constructing topics and addressing issues that are most important to them.


  • Angel Diaz-Maroto 

  • Charles-Louis de Maere 

  • Dainius Stasiulis 

  • Danil Michailovas 

  • Giedrius Kriščiukaitis 

  • Šarūnas Dargelis 

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