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Open space technology

Open Space allows groups, large or small, to self-organize to effectively deal with complex issues in a very short time. 
There is no detailed agenda as You all will participate in making one by bringing the issues that are most important to You. 
Everybody has the right and responsibility to place items on the agenda! 
We all will be working in parallel sessions which have only a few pronciples named below.

Four principles:

I) Whoever comes is the
   right people.

Not the number of participants that counts rather it is the quality of the interaction and conversation that make the difference.


3) Whenever it starts is the right time.

The right time definition is more about noticing the nature of creativity and spirit. Both are essential and appear (or not) in their own time.

2) Whatever happens is the
thing that could have.

Real learning and real progress will only take place when we all move beyond our original agendas and convention-bound expectations.

4) When it is over it is over.

Don't tie Yourself to predetermine form. Experience will tell when the useful
business is conducted.

Village marketplace

  • Pitch topics

  • Sign up for as many sessions as You want

  • Start Discussions

  • Move around

Everyone and anyone can suggest a topic or an area of discussion.

All ideas are good and welcome!

It does not require to be expert in that area, but it definitely requires taking responsibility in bringing it up.

So take the chance to invite the community to discuss Your topic.

The law of 2 feet

If You find Yourself in a situation where You are neither learning nor contributing, then You can use

Your two feet and go to some more productive place.


Be prepared to be surprised!

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