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Event host


Thomas van Zuijlen 

About Thomas

Thomas van Zuijlen is a passionate workshop facilitator and freelance professional Scrum Master from the Netherlands. He’s worked with distributed teams non-stop since 2017 and divides his time between Amsterdam and Kaunas.

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Open Space host


Ornela Vasiliauskaitė
#AgileCoach #OpenSpace #Vinted

About Ornela

Ornela is a seasoned agile practitioner with over a decade of experience in the tech industry. She currently works as an Agile Coach at the first Lithuanian unicorn "Vinted". As she puts it herself, she learned a fair amount of what she knows by attending multiple the Open Space events over the years. It is a different level of interaction, when you engage with the experts on the ground level. She is really excited to be able to share her passion for this format with all of you in the upcoming Agile Day Kaunas and serve as your host for an Open Space part of the event.

LinkedIn: Ornela Vasiliauskaite | LinkedIn

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Peter Stevens
#ExecutiveCoach #ScrumTrainer #PersonalAgilityInstituteFounder

Workshop – Activating the Intelligence of Your Team

A practical introduction to coaching techniques that enable any team to solve its problems together. How do you help someone solve a problem, when they are the expert, not you? How can you activate the intelligence of all the people in the room to uncover better ways of doing what they do? How can you help others to do the same?

This interactive workshop is a practical introduction to the skills of dialogue and coaching.

During this workshop You will:

• Get practical experience with Powerful Questions.

• Learn about the canvases of The Personal Agility System.

• Practice to work in collaboration with others and empathy building.

• Create alignment and solve challenges together.

About Peter

Peter Stevens is an experienced Executive Coach, Author and Scrum Trainer, and Founder or co-Founder of the Scrum Ambassadors, Agile, and the World Agility Forum. He is the creator of the Personal Agility System.™

He found Scrum framework early on and used it as a sensemaking tool for organizing the people. It was a natural evolution for becoming a Scrum trainer.

His first book, Ten Agile Contracts: Getting Beyond Fixed-Price, Fixed-Scope bridges the gap between purchasers and vendors of development services using agile methods.

Together with Maria Matarelli, Peter founded the Personal Agility Institute and wrote Personal Agility: Unlocking Purpose, Alignment and Transformation, published by the Business Agility Institute. Personal Agility is a simple, dialogue-based leadership framework that scales from the individual to the largest organization.

Peter is looking forward turning into a movement because it can have a very powerful impact. As well You can contact him for training sessions for company leaders and executives to activate the full potential of an organization.

He is an instrument-rated pilot, speaks 4 languages, and lives in Zurich with his family and 3 cats. Peter supports corporate clients and partners around the world.

More about Peter You can look up here:

LinkedIn: Peter Stevens | LinkedIn


Personal Agility Institute website:

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Tomas Lekavičius


Workshop – TEAM TEMPERATURE for TEAM LEADERS: How to Control High Engagement, Prevent Burnout and Navigate Human-Related Risk

How to build teams in a way that everyone would get closer to the things that matter to them and perform in an optimal way? How to do that long-term? Agile might be the answer, since the best Agile teams are adaptive, flexible, and creative. Yet, the most significant risk remains - the human factor. We are so focused on formal systems, structures, and frameworks that we often forget this.

In this workshop we invite You to deep dive and find out how to:
Increase and decrease the temperature in your team.
Find optimal tools to ensure high engagement when necessary, and guard the team against blowing themselves up.

Navigate between human factors and formal system in an effective way.

Find the right methods in leading and guiding the Agile team.

About Tomas


Tomas Lekavičius is leadership consultant and tech business advisor, OVC Consulting. He helps tech companies to navigate the biggest risk for a business - the human factor. He has more than 12 years of experience leading international teams, building technology products, and working with emerging tech (enterprise AI).

Tomas mostly works with technology companies facing high levels of complexity, risk, and ambiguity. During the last few years alone, Tomas has consulted over 1000 team and tech leads, working in kick-ass businesses like NFQ, TransUnion, Voltas IT and others.

More about Tomas You can look up here:

LinkedIn: Tomas Lekavičius | LinkedIn 

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Ilija Popjanev

Workshop – Coaching to Accountability. Leading Agile Teams to High Performance!

Workshop – Coaching to Accountability. Leading Agile Teams to High Performance! The “new normal” is faced with many complex challenges, creating urgency and need for high-performing teams in every organization. How many times have you introspected about how are You leading others and what experience are you creating for them?

This workshop will help to discover the essence of leadership and how to coach Your team to HP. Discover the building blocks of HP teams and understand why accountability is the answer. Adapt Your leadership style and learn how coaching to accountability can empower Your team and bring to HP.

Join this workshop and learn:
Building a structured way for leaders to grow their teams to high performing stage
• Understanding the importance of accountability in the team
• Why is the forming stage where you role model accountability and creation of a culture gets started?
• How to overcome excuses and build accountability in four easy steps?
• Learn how to coach people to mindset shift and make accountability a habit

About Ilija


Ilija is an experienced facilitator & agile coach passionate about developing people and organizations and getting measurable results. He’s ICAgile authorized instructor since 2019, developed 1000+ agile leaders, coaches, practitioners and Management 3.0 facilitator and founding member. Ilija is focused on adopting business agility and transforming organizational culture, strategies and way of working.
He is Lean & Agile practitioner 20+ years with managerial experience in big organizations such as General Motors, British petrol and Good year. He is a regular speaker on various agile and business conferences, speaking on topics such as how to improve people, culture, values and processes.

Ilija is owner of DOOR Training & Consulting, holds MBA on Lean Management and PhD candidate on agile culture and leadership.

Ilija is a passionate world traveler and networker. His favorite winter sport is skiing. During summer he enjoys swimming and snorkeling. He is a big Star Wars fan and Yoda is his idol.

More about Ilija You can look up here:

LinkedIn: Ilija Popjanev | LinkedIn


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Nancy Beers

Workshop – The Power of Play, Why You should play more at work

Are you ready to get up out of Your seat and add a little spice to Your life with the Power of Play? Join the Happy Game Changer and ‘Queen of the Energizers’ Nancy Beers on an exhilarating journey exploring the power of playing and playfulness in a business setting. Using the full breadth and depth of her scientifically-backed knowledge, she shows You the ways in which play can bring measurable, impactful and positive change to the way we interact, think, and create. Nancy will delve deep into the dynamics of playing games in a session perfect for those looking to shake things up in their personal or professional lives, in teams, business, and organizations.

During this workshop You will:
Learn about the 7 most important reasons why You should play more.
• Play at least 10 games that You can use in Your work ( might become 20😏)
• Get 3 hands-on practical tips to start the next day.
• Learn more about the scientific backgrounds, and resources to learn even more!
• Play a lot. 🤸

About Nancy


Nancy Beers is the founder of Happy Game Changers. Her personal motto is “Change the world, one game at a time”. As a keynote speaker and play facilitator for corporate teams, Nancy develops and shares seriously playful and empowering views on teamwork, creativity and strategy. If this sounds dry, You’ve got the wrong end of the stick. Laughter, empathy and energy are the hooks with which Nancy charms and engages her audiences and clients. She deploys the power of games to show (not tell) you why play and playfulness are an absolutely essential tool for changing our world.

More about Nancy You can look up here:

LinkedIn: Nancy Beers | LinkedIn


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Kevin Pedersen

Workshop – Unlock creativity to spice up your Scrum

Have your Scrum Events turned a little stale? Do you see your team members yawning during Sprint Planning? Join us as we unlock your creativity and explore ways to change up your events and make them more exciting for you and your team. During this workshop you will: - Realize that as adults we have lost some of the creativity we had as kids. - Learn how to unlock some of that lost creativity using a facilitated technique to engage your brain in a creative way. - Learn apply the same technique to your own Scrum Events or other meetings you hold on a regular basis - Take away ideas from the rest of the people in the session.

About Kevin


From IT support, Programming through to UX Design, Kevin has dabbled in it all and somehow stumbled into the role of an agile coach. He also is a Managing Director and international trainer for Growing Agile in South Africa. He loves being part of the community and enabling people to be the best they can be. This is best described in Growing Agile’s vision ‘to grow people and inspire ideas so that they can be the best version of themselves and we do that by changing the way people think about work’. Kevin gave up being a software developer in 2003 and moved to Austria to become a sports photographer. Though he’s originally from Liverpool in the UK, but now lives in Cape Town, South Africa. He is a great cook and often wows his friends with hearty meals and his main hobby is table top miniature gaming.

More about Kevin You can look up here:

LinkedIn: Kevin Pedersen | LinkedIn


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Ziryan Salayi

Workshop – How to become a more effective Facilitator, a step-by-step guided workshop

Facilitation is an excellent skill to have. Although it sounds easy, most of the work in a session goes into designing the workshop or event. When preparing and facilitating an event, one must consider many factors, like the number of people, the goal, the location, etc., to make it successful. In this workshop, we will experience what factors a facilitator must consider when designing and facilitating a session.

During this workshop, you will:

Learn the key factors of facilitating a workshop
Learn how to scale a workshop
 Discuss challenges about facilitation with peers (while being facilitated)
• Experiment with setting up your workshop design
Experience how these factors influence a workshop
Have much fun in this process

About Ziryan


Ziryan Salayi is an Agile professional, and certifies Professional Scrum Trainer and co-founder of Scrum Facilitators, SF Professionals, and The Cultivators. He is passionate about getting the most out of people and teams. Helping organizations and individuals become more Agile, customer-oriented, and creating high-performing teams had become his mission over the years. He aims to help people to be fully empowered and supports self-organization. He believes in stimulating and enabling continuous improvement and loves to work with cross-cultural and virtual teams.

More about Ziryan You can look up here:

LinkedIn: Ziryan Salayi | LinkedIn


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