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Event host


Thomas van Zuijlen 

About Thomas

Thomas van Zuijlen is a passionate workshop facilitator and freelance professional Scrum Master from the Netherlands. He’s worked with distributed teams non-stop since 2017 and divides his time between Amsterdam and Kaunas.

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Open Space host


Ornela Vasiliauskaitė
#AgileCoach #OpenSpace #Vinted

About Ornela

Ornela is a seasoned agile practitioner with over a decade of experience in the tech industry. She currently works as an Agile Coach at the first Lithuanian unicorn "Vinted". As she puts it herself, she learned a fair amount of what she knows by attending multiple the Open Space events over the years. It is a different level of interaction, when you engage with the experts on the ground level. She is really excited to be able to share her passion for this format with all of you in the upcoming Agile Day Kaunas and serve as your host for an Open Space part of the event.

LinkedIn: Ornela Vasiliauskaite | LinkedIn

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Peter Stevens
#ExecutiveCoach #ScrumTrainer #PersonalAgilityInstituteFounder

Workshop – Activating the Intelligence of Your Team

A practical introduction to coaching techniques that enable any team to solve its problems together. How do you help someone solve a problem, when they are the expert, not you? How can you activate the intelligence of all the people in the room to uncover better ways of doing what they do? How can you help others to do the same?

This interactive workshop is a practical introduction to the skills of dialogue and coaching.

During this workshop You will:

• Get practical experience with Powerful Questions.

• Learn about the canvases of The Personal Agility System.

• Practice to work in collaboration with others and empathy building.

• Create alignment and solve challenges together.

About Peter

Peter Stevens is an experienced Executive Coach, Author and Scrum Trainer, and Founder or co-Founder of the Scrum Ambassadors, Agile, and the World Agility Forum. He is the creator of the Personal Agility System.™

He found Scrum framework early on and used it as a sensemaking tool for organizing the people. It was a natural evolution for becoming a Scrum trainer.

His first book, Ten Agile Contracts: Getting Beyond Fixed-Price, Fixed-Scope bridges the gap between purchasers and vendors of development services using agile methods.

Together with Maria Matarelli, Peter founded the Personal Agility Institute and wrote Personal Agility: Unlocking Purpose, Alignment and Transformation, published by the Business Agility Institute. Personal Agility is a simple, dialogue-based leadership framework that scales from the individual to the largest organization.

Peter is looking forward turning into a movement because it can have a very powerful impact. As well You can contact him for training sessions for company leaders and executives to activate the full potential of an organization.

He is an instrument-rated pilot, speaks 4 languages, and lives in Zurich with his family and 3 cats. Peter supports corporate clients and partners around the world.

More about Peter You can look up here:

LinkedIn: Peter Stevens | LinkedIn


Personal Agility Institute website:

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Denis Salnikov

Workshop – Systems Thinking for Agile Practitioners

Hundreds if not thousands of Agile implementations have been side-tracked or completely undermined due to impeding organisational structures or policies. Quite often, challenging those is also not what Scrum Masters or Agile Coaches get “hired for”.

But what if the organisation actually needs to change in order to enable Inspection & Adaptation and achieve sustainable agility? Or do you need to help the Team to see its current state from a side? What can be the Agile practitioner’s “secret weapon” empowering them to challenge the status quo? If I had to choose only one, my answer would be “Systems Thinking”.

During this workshop You will:

• Get to know the condensed ideas and laws of Systems Thinking.

• Discover how performing Systems Modelling together with decision-makers and stakeholders creates space for often avoided conversations.

• Try out Systems Modelling in practice (lots of practice!).

• Learn some tips & tricks on how to kick off Systems Thinking Katas or Community of Practice at your workplace.

• And much more!

About Denis


Denis Salnikov is a certified Scrum Master, Kanban Coach & LeSS Practitioner actively consulting, coaching, mentoring, and teaching cross-functional development teams, companies management, and organisations since 2014.

Denis has led and taken an active part in several Organisational Design changes initiated from scratch, working with both development teams and management, helping to establish and foster business agility, self-management capabilities and product management. He has supported multiple Product startups in Europe and the US, including such "unicorns" as N26 and PandaDoc.

He is also a speaker of multiple European and international Agile conferences and podcasts, an active Mentor, Trainer and the founder of Agile Expat consultancy.

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Website: Agile Expat by Denis Salnikov (

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