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Till 9th of June.

Event host

Thomas van Zuijlen

Danil Michailov

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Workshops and more

Ant Agile Sofos

Event venue




Saulė Dilijonaitė
+370 614 99099



Agile Day Kaunas 2022


Agile Day Kaunas 2022 is an interactive event where experienced Agile practitioners 

gather to discuss best project management practices.

We truly believe that great skills come from continuous practice. Here at Agile Day Kaunas

You will have the best platform to sharpen Your Agile mindset and to level up Your skill set.

Event host


Thomas van Zuijlen is a passionate workshop facilitator and freelance professional Scrum Master from the Netherlands. He’s worked with distributed teams non-stop since 2017 and  divides his time between Amsterdam and Kaunas.

More about Thomas You can look up here:





Thomas van Zuijlen

Open space host

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Danil is an experienced Agile Coach who helps companies to reach their goals. He started his journey as a developer more than 15 years ago. He also worked as Scrum Master and later Head of Department. Danil helps to understand the challenges individuals and companies are facing with Agile adoption and provide ways to move forward. His aim is to impact businesses and individuals to adopt leadership practices that are both profitable and work well with human beings.

Danil Michailovas

Workshops and more

Mikhail Sorokin.png

Mikhail Sorokin

Setting Goals for Delivery and Motivation

The workshop is based on a real-life case of a manager who struggles with organizing a successful product delivery and  motivating the team to work with happiness  and energy. 

At the workshop you will learn how and at what level goals can be set and what tools Agile frameworks provide for this matter.  

At all  exercises of the workshop we will use Liberating Structures as facilitation  techniques.  

About Mikhail

Mikhail Sorokin is an Agile coach, trainer and consultant, who currently works as a Delivery Manager at Wargaming Lithuania. He has over 15 years in the software development industry. He is an Agilist living and working by values and principles of business agility. Core focus is Agile software delivery. True believer that the key skill of a leader is to be able to set goals. Certified Agile practitioner by a number of organizations: by PMI,, ICAgile and Scaled Agile (SAFe).


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Agnė Kelminskienė

Dynamic re-teaming – agility

beyond product development

We all have lived through some changes in our organization. We welcome new colleagues. We build new products. We expand to new markets. Or we pivot ideas that don't make sense anymore.

But how do we maintain the teams we already have?

The thing is – we don't. And we shouldn't even try. When the change is inevitable, we iterate. As we already do while building our products!

In my workshop, I'll talk about dynamic reteaming as a way to be agile beyond product development.

We'll discuss how to structure the organization to enable teams' agility? Where is the balance between the top-down team assignment and the complete freedom? And what does it mean to coach a team through the period of reteaming?

I hope to find a sweet spot between teaching you the theory and sharing my hands-on experience while scaling the number of our teams four times. And to make things even better, we'll build one new team together!

About Agnė

In the last seven years, Agnė changed her profession four times. From communication expert to product analyst to agile coach, manager, and consultant. She worked in the private and public sectors, jumping through the chemical, automotive, finance, and IT industries.

What did Agnė learn on her way? There are no non-transferable skills!

Finding synergies between different people and organizations could be as valuable as having deep knowledge in one field. Working with a team requires complementary talent. A different background or a unique experience can be a way to gain it!

She sees herself as a thinking partner: “Don’t just do things for people - instead, facilitate the learning process. Challenge the ideas and create an environment where we come up with creative solutions we couldn’t have thought about if working alone”, she says.

With  teams, she promotes value-driven agility. Try to be good at delivering value first. With her You can talk about how You can speed it up later.


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Markus Wissekal

360 Why’s

The stories we tell about ourselves best reflect our values, strengths and motivations. I strongly believe that one’s personal “Why” can be distilled from these. That is the basic idea behind “360 Why’s”.

Inspired by the ideas in Simon Sinek's Books "Start with why" and "Find your why" and Wilma Mulders “360 Stories” we will tell each other stories from our work context to reveal hidden strengths in an appreciative way and – if time permits - to explore the "Why" of some participants during the session.


Don't worry - You can stay very shallow with Your stories or - if You want to - go incredibly deep. The choice is yours. My best hope for our 90 Minutes is to facilitate an experience of connection with each other and for you to raise the chances of finding your "Why".

About Markus


Markus, born and raised in Vienna, is what you would call an agile Swiss Army knife. Accredited Kanban Trainer, Scrum Professional, Lego Serious Play Facilitator, Systemic Business Coach, Design Thinker, MSc. in Medical Computer Science and founder of a Swiss consultancy are just a few lines on Markus’ CV. He has been applying this combination of technology, business and solution-focused thinking for the past ten years in helping SMEs, multi-national corporates and start-ups turn agile. Markus loves visionary project kick-offs, maximizing the effectiveness of his agile teams, coaching the program management in multi-million-dollar environments as well as working with C-level.


ADK22_Ant Agile sofos__web.png

Ant Agile Sofos

Ant Agile Sofos

During the event You will all have the opportunity to sit down and chat with amazing people from Ant Agile Sofos. 

„Ant Agile Sofos“ (EN “On the Agile Couch”) is the first and only Lithuanian Agile themed podcast series created and hosted by 3 colleagues Agile Coaches.

Their goal is to have informal conversations with various Agile experts or practitioners and share knowledge and experience about Agile with everyone.

They will have the couch for Your thoughts and event experience waiting to be discussed and recorded. 


Event venue

Victoria Hotel Kaunas is located in the centre of the city.
The event will take place on the 3rd floor! 



Community partner


Event's partner

Social partners

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Information partner



Saulė Dilijonaitė
+370 614 99099


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