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Design Thinking as the ultimate superpower

At the core of agile lies the idea to create maximal value for real end users. However, few agile teams actually ever talk to their end users. Design Thinking is a product development approach which perfectly fits this need to start with the end user in mind.


Based on empathy and data, it allows an agile team to learn and change in new and profound ways, to work better across silos and to create a shared vision with stakeholders.


This session will combine a workshop to showcase the stages of the Design Thinking model, with concrete examples from a success case at Belgium's public service broadcaster VRT.


We touch on concepts such as Jobs-to-be-done, User journeys, qualitative research, hamburger slicing, ... This session provides participants tools and inspiration to apply immediately in their teams as from the next day.


This session requires a pre-registration. All participants will receive an assignment 72 hours prior to the session, which has to be completed in advance. More information will be provided a week before the event.

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Ornela Vasiliauskaitė: TeamMember
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