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How to make better forecasts

We all had that headache trying to correctly evaluate user stories, right? This workshop will help reduce the feelings of frustration.

If you're fed up with endless arguments, over whether a story should be 3 points, or 5 points? Irritated with having to provide estimates to your management that you know are probably going to be wrong? Join us on 12th of May as we investigate if there's a BETTER WAY. Can we make the unpredictable world of product development a little more predictable?

Darren is a convert to Lean and Agile techniques after spending much of his career as a developer and manager, having discovered that the traditional ways of working weren't always effective. Currently working as a Scrum Master for 3 teams, he has also been an Agile Coach, with a particular passion for helping teams escape from "mechanical Agile" to allow them to find their own best ways of working together. And, ironically, I used to hate metrics!

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