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Thomas van Zuijlen is a passionate workshop facilitator and freelance professional Scrum Master from the Netherlands. He’s worked with distributed teams non-stop since 2017 and  divides his time between Amsterdam and Kaunas.

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Thomas van Zuijlen


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Agnė Kelminskienė

Dynamic re-teaming – agility

beyond product development

We all have lived through some changes in our organization. We welcome new colleagues. We build new products. We expand to new markets. Or we pivot ideas that don't make sense anymore.

But how do we maintain the teams we already have?

The thing is – we don't. And we shouldn't even try. When the change is inevitable, we iterate. As we already do while building our products!

In my workshop, I'll talk about dynamic reteaming as a way to be agile beyond product development.

We'll discuss how to structure the organization to enable teams' agility? Where is the balance between the top-down team assignment and the complete freedom? And what does it mean to coach a team through the period of reteaming?

I hope to find a sweet spot between teaching you the theory and sharing my hands-on experience while scaling the number of our teams four times. And to make things even better, we'll build one new team together!

About Agnė

In the last seven years, Agnė changed her profession four times. From communication expert to product analyst to agile coach, manager, and consultant. She worked in the private and public sectors, jumping through the chemical, automotive, finance, and IT industries.

What did Agnė learn on her way? There are no non-transferable skills!

Finding synergies between different people and organizations could be as valuable as having deep knowledge in one field. Working with a team requires complementary talent. A different background or a unique experience can be a way to gain it!

She sees herself as a thinking partner: “Don’t just do things for people - instead, facilitate the learning process. Challenge the ideas and create an environment where we come up with creative solutions we couldn’t have thought about if working alone”, she says.

With  teams, she promotes value-driven agility. Try to be good at delivering value first. With her You can talk about how You can speed it up later.


Be prepared to be surprised!

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