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Agile should be about delivering measurable ‘values’ to our stakeholders.

Agile’s central idea is to measure if we are really delivering value, and to ‘be agile’ if we are NOT, and to then change our designs and strategies, so as to deliver values and qualities: which are always the ONLY point with our projects.

Can you quantify qualities like security, usability, and Technical Debt ?

The first critical action, is to define the stakeholder critical values, quantitatively. The definition (Scale of measure and Targets) should not only be quantified and measurable. The definition needs to be structured to include who, what, why, when aspects of the problem. These enable us to selected critical slices of stakeholder reality for early delivery steps. This workshop will challenge you to define your own critical value objectives more clearly, and then demonstrate a method for doing so.

Tom Gilb is considered by many to a grandfather of agile, since he practiced and published about it from 1960-1976 (Software Metrics book) and 1988 Principles of SW Eng. Mgt. book. Principally the idea for the short value delivery cycle.
Today he writes about 5 booklets in the Summer, about various aspects Value Driven Agile. Here is a copy for you: (2019)
See for more details.

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